What is The Beautiful Game all about?

Our Philosophy at The Beautiful Game is to develop confident, creative, skilful, intelligent footballers through a unique style of coaching using the YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL as created by the world’s leading youth coach mentor  Horst Wein.

This system has been taught and proven for over 20 years in 53 countries worldwide and to more than 11,000 coaches.

It involves an age-oriented, guided-discovery coaching style using small-sided (simplified) games for both training and competitions and emphasizes development over winning at all costs.

We believe that young players have certain rights and specific needs that must be met while learning the game.

This unique, player-centered model can bring enjoyment of the game to all who participate, while also allowing each one to reach their maximum potential and resulting ultimately in the emergence of the very best players who will ensure the future of the beautiful game.