First European FUNino Festival A Great Success

The First European FUNino Festival was held on Saturday 2oth September in the beautiful city of Monza, Italy. 16  teams came from 6 different countries, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Poland and Ireland.

The Festival was run in good spirits and there were no standings or score-keeping, instead the eventual winner was decided by a panel based on the team which consistently played the most attractive football.


The unique FUNino game delivered FUN and action, and of course lots of goals. Three official games were used and each tested the awareness and decision-making of the players as well as their individual technique and teamwork.


The eventual “winners” St Pauli FC contributed some very attractive football and also helped to make many friends over the weekend with boys and girls from other countries.

On Friday, the travelling teams visited Monza Race Track, which proved very popular and over the weekend many visited the stunning Palace and Piazza of Monza.

Thank you to all who attended and to our hosts Brianza Tornei of Monza.

We look forward to an even bigger and better Festival in 2015…