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Funino in Nagaland, India

Funino in Los Cracks, Panama

Funino in Costa Rica

FUNino pitch dimensions

An optimal programme to develop the creative potential of 7-9 year old players

– Give your young players the chance to discover  the magic of The Beautiful Game in a unique  game programme designed especially for them.

 – Experience the “renaissance of street football”  in  the 21st century. 

 – Be the best coach you can be while creating a  player-centred environment where young talent  flourishes.

 – Introduce your players to game intelligence while  establishing  their technique, in a player-centred  and game-oriented programme.


A complete easy-to-use manual for coaches and parents to help them to unlock the enormous creative potential of millions of young children,  exposing them  to the healthiest drug available: The Game of Football


Start your kids on a great football journey of discovery

  •  32 official games
  • (+47 variations)
  • 24 Preparatory/corrective games
  • Packed with 40+ colour illustrations
  • Easy to read and implement
  • Season programme of competitions
  • Games and tests your players will love
  • A clear guide to coaching this age

FUNiño is the introductory module of Futbol a la medida del nino, the world famous “Youth Football Development Model” by Horst Wein and represents a significant breakthrough in youth football coaching. The magic formula of playing 3v3 on 4 goals  introduces width,  options, perception and decision-making –  laying a solid foundation for  Game Intelligence.



FUNiño recognizes that playing is like breathing to children, necessary for their physical and mental well-being!

Player Benefits:

Optimal pitch size and player numbers, 4 goals out wide and simple rules means:

·         The game is easy to understand and learn

·         Experiencing success brings greater confidence, enjoyment and motivation

·         More touches on the ball, more goals, more 1v1s and 2v1s

·         Lots of dribbling, then when they get tired, lots of passing

·         Establishes all the basic skills – controlling, passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling

·         The player has plenty of opportunity to “be in love with the ball,” to improvise and to take risks without fear of making mistakes

·         Greater participation as each player is vital in a 3 person team

·         Goals  out wide improves perception, peripheral vision and spatial awareness

·         Reduces crowding or swarming

·         More time and space to think and make decisions

·         Great variety of games within a familiar structure keeps it interesting for everyone

·         The positive environment of discovery instead of instruction is much more stimulating than traditional coaching style

·         Smaller players make up for their physical disadvantages through clever play

·         Rolling substitutions and equal playing time benefits everyone

·         Frequent repetition of basic game situations gives greater opportunity to master them

·         Two goals at each end create options which stimulates creativity and improvisation

·         Develops support play and off-the-ball play

·         Learning takes place in a fully-integrated holistic environment, just as in the game itself. There is no isolation or separation of technical, tactical or physical elements

·         Usually everyone scores a goal!


More goals, more action, more FUN!

Lifestyle and character benefits:

·         Active Lifestyle – combats the impact of sedentary lifestyle and obesity

·         Confidence and self esteem –  through more successful actions and positive environment

·         Endeavour and perseverance – learn to never give up

·         The Ability to Think – invaluable for education and life

·         Emotional Control – contentment and satisfaction through play

·         Better social relations –  friendships and teamwork and a place to belong

·         Fair Play – respect for other children, adults and regulations


Coach Benefits:

Coaches, from the earliest involvement in the game, get to learn a modern player-centred, game-oriented, guided discovery approach and can grow with their players in their understanding of the game. The coach becomes a guide stimulating the players through his skilful use of the games, variations, effective questioning and constant encouragement.