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Announcing the upcoming

Horst Wein Coach Training Weekend Clinic

Friday-Sunday 18-20th July

224 County Line Road,Wayne PA 19087

“Game Intelligence in FUNiño”

Programme includes


  • Optimal Youth Soccer Development Seminar
  • Master Coaching Seminar


  • Typical Training Session
  • 24 Preparatory Games
  • 32 Official Games
  • Many Corrective Exercises

 is the first proper football module (for 7-9 year old players) of the Horst Wein Youth Soccer Development Model – Futbol a la medida del niño – the official textbook of the Spanish Football Federation since 1993, representing a significant breakthrough in youth soccer coaching and helping to produce a generation of intelligent, creative soccer players and a style has dominated world soccer for almost a decade.

The Spanish National Team have enjoyed unprecedented success winning the European Championship twice and the World Cup once in recent years, the first team to win three consecutive major titles in a row. In the last 20 years their national teams from U16 to the senior team have won 18 major titles , more than the combined total of their two nearest European rivals,  France and Portugal with 8 and 6 respectively.

At club level, Spanish teams have dominated European Football for many years now with 6 Champions League wins, 3 each for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and 6 Europa League wins shared between Valencia, Sevilla and Athletico Madrid.

 and the development model  have been expanding rapidly in Germany, currently  used at 6 Bundesliga clubs, and the first permanent FUNiño stadium at TSG Hoffenheim.

 is growing rapidly in Italy where it has been recommended to all Serie A clubs by Arrigo Sacchi, Technical Director of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC). He is a former successful Manager of AC Milan, where he won the Scudetto (League)  in his debut season and led them to back-to-back European Cups (now Champions League) in 1989 and 1990. He also managed the Italian national team and led them to a World Cup Final in the USA in 1994, when they narrowly missed out on penalties to Brazil.

 is a complete competition game and training curriculum for 7-9 year old players but can be used for older players, even up to senior professional players. The games and exercises are often used to enhance game intelligence and sharpen technique as well as for conditioning in older players. So  is valuable for players of any age and is also a great tool for coaches to learn the Game Intelligence Approach.



 recognizes that playing is like breathing to children, necessary for their physical and mental well-being!

Player Benefits:

Optimal pitch size and player numbers, 4 goals out wide and simple rules means:

  • The game is easy to understand and learn
  • Experiencing success brings greater confidence, enjoyment and motivation
  • More touches on the ball, more goals, more 1v1s and 2v1s
  • Lots of dribbling, then when they get tired, lots of passing
  • Establishes all basic skills – controlling, passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling
  • The player has plenty of opportunity to “be in love with the ball,” to improvise and to take risks without fear of making mistakes
  • Greater participation as each player is vital in a 3 person team
  • Goals  out wide improves perception, peripheral vision and spatial awareness
  • Reduces crowding or swarming
  • More time and space to think and make decisions
  • Great variety of games within a familiar structure keeps it interesting for all
  • The positive environment of discovery instead of instruction is much more stimulating than traditional coaching style
  • Smaller players make up for their physical disadvantages through clever play
  • Rolling substitutions and equal playing time benefits everyone
  • Frequent repetition of basic game situations gives better chance to master them
  • Two goals at each end create options,  stimulating creativity and improvisation
  • Develops support play and off-the-ball play
  • Learning takes place in a fully-integrated holistic environment, just as in the game itself. There is no separation of technical, tactical or physical elements
  • Usually everyone scores a goal!

More goals, more action, more FUN!

Lifestyle and character benefits:

  • Active Lifestyle – combats the impact of sedentary lifestyle and obesity
  • Confidence and self esteem –  through competence and positive environment
  • Endeavour and perseverance – learn to never give up
  • The Ability to Think – invaluable for education and life
  • Emotional Control – contentment and satisfaction through play
  • Better social relations –  friendships and teamwork and a place to belong
  • Fair Play – respect for other children, adults and regulations

Coach Benefits:

Coaches, from the earliest involvement in the game, get to learn a modern player-centred, game-oriented, guided discovery approach and can grow with their players in their understanding of the game. The coach becomes a guide stimulating the players through his skilful use of the games, variations, effective questioning and constant encouragement.  

What other coaches have to say about  and The Game Intelligence Approach:

“There’s nothing like it! The Game Intelligence approach to youth development is what makes Horst and FUNino truly unique. I have been using the model for some time now and have seen fantastic development and understanding. Our kids love to come to training and are always asking for more. Parents are even asking for more as they see their child developing and having FUN at the same time!”

Marc, Texas