Mini Football – A Breakthrough in Youth Football Development

When Horst Wein introduced his very own unique small sided game for 7 to 9 year old players 27 years ago,  the stage was set for a revolution in Youth Football.

And in 1994 The Royal Spanish Football Federation published his age-oriented Youth Football Development Model, with Mini Football as the first building block in a gradual, progressive system of development, making it available to all Spanish clubs and youth academies. As we all know Spanish football has gone on to become the leading force in world football. They are the current World Cup and European Cup holders, and from U16 to senior football level have won more titles in the last 16 years than their two nearest rivals put together,  while FC Barcelona have won 3 Champions Leagues in the last 5 years.

Mini Football, as the first game in the development model, is considered to be the revival of Street Football, but is played 3v3  with 4 goals instead of the traditional 2 goals and has many more benefits than 4v4 or 7v7 football. Today, the original game has been proven, expanded and extended to form a complete programme that is specifically suited to young players starting out in the game and includes all the best practices of modern coaching.

 A complete programme manual for Mini Football is to be released in mid-March as an ebook…

The Joy of Mini FootballGive your young players the chance to discover the magic of The Beautiful Game in a unique game programme designed especially for them.

Experience the “renaissance of street football” in the  21st century. 

Be the best coach you can be while creating a player-centred environment where young talent flourishes.

Introduce your players to game intelligence while establishing  their technique, in a player-centred, game-oriented programme.

Coaches and parents can soon learn to unlock the enormous creative potential of the young talents in their care.


Everything you need to get started on the right road for a great future in football including:

Mini Football with 4 goals28 official mini football games (With 35 variations)

24 Preparatory/corrective games

Easy to read and implement

Over 40 colour illustrations

Season programme of competitions

Games and tests your players will love

A clear guide to coaching this age

 With more than 20 player benefits


See Mini Football in action with these short clips:



Mini Football is superior to both 4v4 and 7v7 football for this age-group:

Why Mini Football and not 4v4 games?

Mini Football vs 4v4Why Mini Football and not 7-a-side football?

A comparison of two competitions for 7 to 9 year old players

Mini Football vs 7v7More information concerning this fantastic resource and how to purchase it will soon be available here at The Beautiful Game…