The Positional Attack – The Beginning of Constructive Play

As Euro 2012 drew to a climactic conclusion, something remarkable emerged from this tournament, finallly European football had awakened to the value of possession football. Even Italy, with their classical counterattacking style began to retain the ball and build constructively. In their quarter final game against England, they had 67% possession and even shaded the masters, Spain in the first half of the final.
What was very noticeable as the tournament wore on was that teams that resorted to the long-ball tactic, from the goalkeeper and defenders,  Ireland and England amongst others, had an early exit and thankfully the two teams who tried to keep the ball and play football reached the final. Ultimately, the masters emerged victorious, vindicating The Beautiful Game and constructive possession football, with their historic third consecutive major international trophy in 4 years.

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In order to keep possession of the ball, their must be a culture of keeping the ball and playing patiently and constructively. Then there must be a specific training programme to achieve high levels of technical and tactical skill based around the fundamental principle of keeping the ball, controlling the game and playing constructive attacking football.

Great possession football must begin at the back, if the goalkeeper and defenders learn to be comfortable on the ball and to pass constructively, this sets the tempo for the rest of the team. Many restarts begin with the goalkeeper, and today keepers use their feet 6 times more than they did a few years ago.

Horst Wein has just released this new online book to help coaches teach The Positional Attack – playing out from the back:


Building play from the back – a coaching manual

  • Train your defenders to initiate attacking moves, safely and confidently
  • Help your back four and goalkeeper to become comfortable on the ball
  • Retain more possession especially from restarts

In the modern, game of football based on controlling the game through possession, the best teams  are capable of playing constructively  from the back. This allows them to enjoy more possession as the keeper and back four retain the ball rather than launch it high and long up-field where it has to be won again.

Horst Wein brings his unique Game Intelligence approach to coaching The Positional Attack including Simplified Games and guided discovery questions that will help your players to learn, understand, practice and master this critical aspect of constructive possession football.

The Positional Attack Online Book Now Available click here




  • An introduction to The Game Intelligence approach to coaching
  • 9 progressive simplified games with 29 variations to coach The Positional Attack
  • Guided Discovery questions for deeper understanding and better retention
  • Tactical Rules for The Positional Attack
  • Intelligent passing

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